August 16, 2015Ancient Mariner


While many rested or ran, Bill Armstrong cruised to victory!

By: Doug Jones


On this past Sunday morning while some members of the Quissett Yacht Club were resting from extreme dancing of the Yacht Club ball and others were running from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights, four stalwart racers over 35 were competing for the Quissett Ancient Mariner Trophy. Faced with a 5-7 mph wind shifting to the west, the Race Committee of Wendy Martyna and Doug Jones dropped an “X” mark ½ mile to the west of the starting pin and posted a course of XDSX (with the finish declared to be at X). Chris and Anna Olsen in Sea Glass had a great start on starboard while Rebecca Hunnewell and Bill Shimer in Tumbelweed opted to approach the line on port and were forced to tack over the avoid the starboard tack fleet. Bill Armstrongs Jr. and Bill Armstrong III in Penguin graciously gave the other competitors a one-minute head start as they calmly crossed the starting line at their own leisure.   Warren Zapol and Carol Suitor in Will O’ The Wisp made great progress through the light airs and soon took the lead; however, the Armstrongs in Penguin had great boat speed and timed their one tack perfectly when they reached the layline, and they rounded the windward mark almost two minutes ahead of the other three boats (perhaps the one minute head start wasn’t enough). Penguin pulled away on the final three legs, despite the supportive and ongoing encouragement and advice aboard Sea Glass. By tacking only twice and gybing once, Penguin claimed victory once again. In addition, Bill Armstrong Jr. won the Shang Goodwin Trophy for being the oldest competitor in the Ancient Mariner Trophy.

  1. Penguin                      Bill Armstrongs Jr. and Bill Armstrong III              46:50
  2. Sea Glass                    Chris and Anna Olsen                                               50:48
  3. Will O’ The Wisp       Warren Zapol and Carol Suitor                               51:09
  4. Tumbleweed              Rebecca Hunnewell and Bill Shimer                       52:00