Ancient Mariner Race


Tradition holds sway over much that goes on with the Quissett Yacht Club. Consequently, the Ancient Mariner race, for skippers over 35 who have not raced previously in the year, is held the morning after the Quissett Yacht Club Ball. Recently this race has also coincided with the Falmouth Road Race since there is not a large overlap between the competitors in these two athletic endeavors. With only three boats challenging for this most prestigious Quissett trophy, perhaps the schedulers will have to reconsider which tradition can be altered.

The Spartan Race Committee of Vice Commodore Mark Gordon and Doug Jones were clearly up to the task of running a race given the near perfect sailing conditions. A consistent 10-12 knot breeze blowing from the southeast gave the three boats an easy run to the starting line. With the permanent marks of E and D perfectly positioned for the given conditions, the Race Committee set a course of ED and waited for all the competitors to test the starting line and the first upwind leg.

Ted and Jon Burt in Tagalong perfectly timed their start for the middle of the line while Rebecca and George Hunnewell in Tumbleweed held a position slightly to windward and Tom and Tommy Tullius in Moxie started right at the boat. Initially Tagalong rode a lift up high enough to attempt to lee bow Tumbleweed; however, Tumbleweed was able to maintain her boat speed and pointing position and kept Tagalong from tacking. Once Tumbleweed chose to tack to port, Moxie tacked on top of her and slowed her down significantly. Meanwhile, Tagalong delayed her tack until she found a favorable header, tacked on this header and rode the related lift towards the mark. Tumbleweed decided to test the starboard layline hoping for a helpful wind shift while Tagalong expertly covered Moxie. At the windward mark, Tagalong established a one minute lead that she would not relinquish.

 1. Tag Along Ted and Jon Burt 38:30
 2. Moxie Tom and Tommy Tullius 40:03
 3. Tumbleweed Rebecca and George Hunnewell 43:30