Swizzle Sweeps


As Quissett’s 12 ½ s did their best to drift or sail out to the starting line in almost no wind, everyone was wondering if any breeze would develope in time for the two scheduled races. The race committee, all women for the first time since the much beloved Janet Chalmers era, decided that an offering to the goddess of wind was needed, and promptly sacrificed a bit of their lunch: lo and behold, a light breeze filled in from the southeast!

The course for the first race was a short, windward-leeward one, to mark E and back.  The start was well timed for most racers but Ted Grayson and Erik Egleston in Swizzle, and Tom and Olivia First in Olivia, worked their way out to the front of the pack, competing with each other for the lead. On the downwind leg spinnaker work was the deciding factor with Swizzle edging out Olivia for the win.

In the second race of the day the course was doubled to ESE. Mort Saunders with crew Sean Tynan had a great start, as did Olivia and Swizzle. Throughout the race it was a back-and-forth within the fleet for positions, but once Ted Grayson took the lead he fought hard to keep it. And keep it he did.

Swizzle had an excellent day, winning both races. The race committee, made up of Sarah Meigs, Rebekah Gardiner, Rebecca Hunnewell, Jessica Hunnewell and Wendy Martyna had a grand time. The gazpacho was provided by Rebecca Hunnewell and is highly recommended.  Next Saturday marks the return of the regular race committee crew.

H Class Race #1

 1. Swizzle Ted Grayson, Erik Egleston 16:05
 2. Oliva Tom and Olivia First 16:09
 3. Found It Mort Saunders, Sean Tynan 17:06
 4. Tigger Langley and Nicholas Steinert 18:19
 5. Freedom Mark Harrington, Tyrone Yang 18:20


H Class race #2

 1. Swizzle Ted Grayson, Erik Egleston 33:17
 2. Found It Mort Saunders, Sean Tynan 33:34
 3. Oliva Tom and Olivia First 33:38
 4. Tigger Langley and Nicholas Steinert 33:56
 5. Freedom Mark Harrington, Tyrone Yang 37:19



With the wind coming in from the south at 5-8 mph the course was set as EDED. Olive was the boat to beat right from the start. With Josh Bernstein at the helm, and Molly and Andrew Bernstein, and George Walters as crew they started first and never looked back. Consistently out-pointing the other boats while not giving up any boat speed, they finished more than a minute and a half ahead of the next boat. The battle for second place was between Teaticket and Radiant. The two S boats jockeyed back and forth but Radiant eventually edged out Teaticket.

S Class

 1. Olive Josh, Andrew, and Molly Bernstein, George Walters 57:13
 2. Radiant Doug and Kathy Cooper, George Hunnewell 58:56
 3. Teaticket Alan Haigh, Alison Smith, Sam Ward 59:12