Short and challenging races   August Saturday 1 August Saturday 2

By: Ted Burt

After last week’s All Star break, the Quissett Yacht Club racers went back to work to begin the August Series. The race committee of Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Wendy Martyna, Mike Garfield Sr. and Noah Garfiled headed out of Quissett harbor to run three races. The S-Class had one race, a tour of our side of the bay. The fleet separated itself into a top three, Radiant, Teaticket and Olive, with Shalom struggling to keep contact with the rest. A beat up to Gunning Point was followed by a reach out into the bay and back to Penzance Point. The final legs were a return to the Gunning Point Buoy and a short run to the finish line off Quissett Harbor. Teaticket, ably sailed by Commodore Alan Haigh, appropriately led the way to the finish, followed by Olive and Radiant, separated by mere seconds.

The H-12 class raced two challenging short races, a windward-leeward twice around and then a gold cup triangle followed by windward and leeward legs. In the first race, Tom and Kristan First in Olivia rounded the windward mark in first (appropriately) by 15 seconds and was looking good until he chose the wrong direction to round the leeward mark. Once he saw the error of his ways, he returned to unwind his incorrect rounding (while the rest of the fleet was doing it properly) and then rounded again to begin the next leg. Mike and Emma Garfield in Phoenix took advantage to secure the win with Mort Saunders and Anna Olsen in Found It and Weatherly and Rick Dorris in Pani Bab hot on Mike Garfield’s Tail. In the second race, Weatherly and Rick Dorris in Pani Baba showed why an old wooden Herreshoff carefully maintained with a great skipper and an able crew can whup any Doughdish. Olivia and Phoenix followed close behind, setting up some great competition in the series beginning next week. Stay tuned!


                   Boat        Crew                                                                                        Time

  1. Teaticket    Alan Haigh, Doug Jones, Lawrence Pierson                                1:43:58
  2. Olive          Josh Bernstein, Eric Pierson, Nick Hunnewell, George Walters     1:45:55
  3. Radiant       Kathy & Doug Cooper, Jeff Whittle                                            1:46:03
  4. Shalom       Eric & Theodora Karplus                                                          1:48:39


Herreshoff 12 1/2s:

Race 1:              Boat                Crew                                                   Time

  1. Phoenix           Mike & Emma Garfield                         24:48
  2. Found It          Mort Saunders, Anna Olsen                   25:13
  3. Pani Baba        Weatherly & Rick Dorris                                    25:16
  4. Allie Rose        Chuck First, Nick Steinert                       25:35
  5. Olivia              Tom & Kristan First                              26:17
  6. Due DilligenceAlec Clowes, Jolynn Khamky                 26:43
  7. Handoah         Hannah & Ben Garfield                         27:18
  8. Sea Breeze        Steve Chalmers, Sheila Gordon, Ethan Burt   27:22

Race 2:

  1. Pani Baba          Weatherly & Rick Dorris                                    27:20
  2. Olivia                Tom & Kristan First                              27:45
  3. Phoenix                        Emma & Mike Garfield                         27:50
  4. Found It           Mort Saunders & Anna Olsen                28:02
  5. Allie Rose          Chuck First, Nick Steinert                       28:13
  6. Due Dilligence   Alec Clowes, Jolynn Khamky                 28:54
  7. Sea Breeze         Steve Chalmers, Sheila Gordon, Ethan Burt   30:50