Winding DownAugust Saturday 5

By Wendy Martyna

As summer starts to come to its inevitable close, the H Class racing at Quissett is more than half way thru the August Saturday series. Racers were prepared but pleased that the rain took a break for the single afternoon race. The wind was coming in from the northeast at 10-12 mph at the start of the race. Based on this, a course of HDJ was chosen by the race committee consisting of Sarah Meigs, Mike Garfield, Noah Garfield and Wendy Martyna.

A generous starting line was set for the race. Both Doug Jones in Pani Baba and Bob and Carol Suitor in Will ‘O The Wisp took advantage of this and had great starts on a starboard tack. Mike Garfield Jr. in Phoenix started on port tack and though he was not one of the first over the line, he was able to beat the fleet to the windward mark H and rounded with a hefty lead. He was closely followed by Doug Jones, who was making his premier appearance in the Saturday series, then Mort Saunders and Anna Olsen in Found It. Phoenix quickly raised her spinnaker upon rounding mark H and increased her lead heading towards the next mark D. Olivia rounded in fifth place then moved up to fourth spot with great spinnaker work. It must also be noted that upon rounding mark D, Craig Hattabaugh, Tim First and Max Steinert in Tigger managed some fine spinnaker work and should be proud of their performance.

Upon rounding mark J, the wind picked up, blowing 13-15 mph and created a bit of a slog as Phoenix was first to breeze across to the finish followed by Found It and Will O’ The Wisp. Unfortunately, we saw two boats unable to finish due to mechanical issues. All in all it was a great day to race.

  1. Phoenix                     Mike Garfield, Kathy Garfield                            59:26
  2. Found It                    Mort Saunders, Anna Olsen                   1:00:38
  3. Will ‘O The Wisp    Bob Suitor, Carol Suitor                                       1:01:08
  4. Tigger                       Craig Hattabaugh, Tim First, Max Steinert     1:03:34
  5. Olivia                         Tom First, Kristan First                                          1:03:50
  6. Sea Breeze              Steve Chalmers, Sheila Gordon                         1:05:19
  7. Pani Baba                Doug Jones, Peter Franklin                                 DNF
  8. Allie Rose                 Chuck First, Nick Steinert                                     DNF