Zig ZagAugust Saturday 4

By Wendy Martyna

The third race in in the Saturday August series for Quissett Yacht Club’s S-Class was a bit of a zigzag course with different strategies coming into play. The fleet had decided not to use spinnakers. The race committee made up of Sarah Meigs, Mike Garfield, Noah Garfield and Wendy Martyna decided on a course of HYJDJ. At the start of the race, the wind was 10-12 mph but as the race progressed it picked up to 13-15 mph.

At the starting horn, Josh Bernstein in Olive was first over the line with Kathy Cooper in Radiant following close behind. Watching from the distance on the committee boat it appeared as if Josh had the lead from the start and never relinquished. Each time Radiant tacked to get away, it seemed Olive would tacked to cover. From the view of the committee boat, Cornelia Carey, it looked like a wonderful match race was taking place.

After the first rounding of mark J, Radiant had had enough and tacked away from the fleet trying to gain an advantage by sailing out into the bay heading toward their next mark. This was a bold risky move with possible great reward, but this time it did not pay off. It allowed Alan Haigh in Teaticket to move up and firmly plant himself in second place. His position was held rounding D and as they all zigged back to J and then zagged back to the finish.

Overall it was a great race and all were happy that the rain decided to take a break for the race.

  1. Olive       Josh Bernstein, George Walters, Nick Hunnewell                     1:25:52
  2. Teaticket   Alan Haigh, Ham Lord, Sam Ward                                               1:26:52
  3. Radiant     Kathy Cooper, Doug Cooper, George Hunnewell                   1:28:56
  4. Shalom       Eric Karplus, Sia Karplus                                                                   1:32:16