Photo by Doug Jones. Olivia First in Allie Rose with a perfect start

QYC August Series Heats Up


After a day of heavy winds from the southwest, a more moderate breeze of 12-16 knots from the north greeted four competitors in the penultimate August Wednesday Quissett H 12 race.  The Race Committee of Alan Haigh, Ed Jackson, Martha Adams and Doug Jones dropped an “X” mark ¼ mile upwind of the starting pin and posted a course of XQX giving the fleet two beats, one short and one long, and two similar runs.

All four boats had excellent starts on starboard with Olivia and Chuck First in Allie Rose at a slight advantage of Emma and Mike Garfield in Phoenix.  On the short first upwind leg, the fleet largely stayed on the same side of the course but began to spread out.  Phoenix rounded the windward mark first with Allie Rose only a few seconds behind.  Allie Rose promptly hoisted her spinnaker, established a windward overlap, and easily sailed past Phoenix. Eager to avoid close sailing in challenging conditions, Phoenix chose to gybe early and then raise her own spinnaker.  This maneuver also gave her a better angle on the wind, and Phoenix regained the lead by the leeward mark. The steady breeze did not allow room or opportunity for any boats to pass their nearest competitors as the leaders carefully matched every tack and gybe.

The stage has been set for the final race of the season as the series’ honors will go to the winner between Allie Rose and Phoenix – stay tuned.


 1. Phoenix Emma and Mike Garfield 41:22
 2. Allie Rose Olivia and Chuck First 41:45
 3. Dory Too Nina Hocker and Steve Chalmers 43:21
 4. Penguin Randy Evans 44:07