Photo by Sarah Meigs.   Clean starts for everyone

Phoenix Wraps Up Series In Style


For the last Wednesday evening race for the Quissett H 12s, the fleet was blessed with a 12-13 knot wind from the southwest with an occasional gust to 15 knots.  In order to keep the race within the desired 45 minute time limit and to allow the sailors the challenge of sailing back from Racing Beach, the Race Committee set a temporary “X” mark 2/10 a mile to windward and posted the course of XEH.  Randy Evans and Bill Armstrong in Penguin had a great start while Emma and Mike Garfield in Phoenix closely covered Chuck First and Gaylor Conlin in Allie Rose knowing that the series was theirs as long as they kept Allie Rose in their wake. Aggressively and surprisingly at the first opportunity, Phoenix tacked away from the fleet looking for better wind offshore.  During the relatively short upwind leg, Phoenix was able to move into first place and rounded the windward mark with a slight lead over Allie Rose and Penguin.  Spectacular spinnaker work aboard Phoenix (clearly Mike has been taking lessons from his daughter Emma) allowed her to increase her lead by the time she rounded the leeward mark off Racing Beach.  The final upwind leg was a fine example of tacking and covering as the fleet maintained their relative positions.  Phoenix’s first place finished also garnered her top honors for the August series.  The Goodwin trophy for the season best boat average is yet to be determined as Phoenix and Found It are within hundredths of points of each other with one race left.

 1. Phoenix Emma and Mike Garfield 34:07
 2. Allie Rose Chuck First and Gaylor Conlin 34:59
 3. Penguin Randy Evans and Bill Armstrong 35:18
 4. Dory Too Nina Hocker and Steve Chalmers 35:41