August 22, 2020
Ted Burt

August has been a tough month for racing on Buzzards Bay. There has been either too much wind or too little. But as we approached season’s end the weather smiled on us and offered a picture-perfect sailing day, ideal for the scheduled double header for the H-Class. You can read the finish times for the first race and get a flavor of the competition. Granted it was a short race, just a windward-leeward affair, but sailors came to win. The wind was light and slowly building in from the southwest, so the first leg required a choice of an inshore tack or offshore. As it turned out, inshore was slightly favored, and with such a short course the finish was a hold-your-breath affair. Pani Baba and Swizzle were scored with identical times, but Pani Baba had the edge at the line. Chuck First, sailing solo in Allie Rose, was unable to fly a spinnaker and so couldn’t quite keep up with #s 1 and 2.

The second race was a very different challenge. The Race Committee opted for an Olympic course, a six-legged affair with an upwind beat to the finish following a triangle and then windward- leeward legs. In fact the crews had no less than four opportunities to master that fairly short windward leg before the afternoon was over. The start of the second race was amazing to watch. The entire fleet was right on the line and flying as the starting horn sounded. In the freshening breeze the first beat was very close with Swizzle, Olivia, Pani Baba and Allie Rose in the top tier. Two reaches followed without major changes in position. Then came the second beat, a run and a final beat to the finish. Again the Race Committee held its breath as Pani Baba and Swizzle approached the line. This time the two had split tacks, so they were coming in from opposite directions. A slight wind shift or different wave patterns could have made the difference. On the final approach Pani Baba was on starboard tack with Swizzle coming in fast on port. Ted Grayson had to decide whether or not he could cross ahead of Charlotte. If he had been able to do it, he would have won, if not, the line honors would go to Charlotte. Everyone on the committee boat held their breath as the gap closed. At the last instant, Ted realized he would have to tack, which he did, leaving Charlotte free to tack for the line and take the win for the second time in the day.

August Saturday Series Races 3 & 4
Weather: Light southwesterlies building to 8-12 knots
Racing class: Herreshoff 12 1/2
Race Committee: Ted, Burt, Timer; Sean Tynan, signals; Katy Tynan, Line Caller

Race 1:
1. Pani Baba - Charlotte & Weatherly Dorris - 16:51
2. Swizzle - Ted & Jancy Grayson - 16:51
3. Allie Rose - Chuck First - 16:55
4. Tag Along - Gus & Chuck McGwire - 17:22
5. Phoenix - Emma & Mike Garfield - 17:51
6. Olivia - Tom First - 17:57
7. Moxie - Tom Tullius, Sr. - 18:44
8. Muffin - Andrew Zimmerman - 21:49

Race 2:
1. Pani Baba - Charlotte & Weatherly Dorris - 47:25
2. Swizzle - Ted & Jancy Grayson - 47:30
3. Olivia - Tom First - 48:29
4. Tag Along - Gus & Chris McGwire - 49:10
5. Allie Rose - Chuck First - 49:20
6. Phoenix - Mike & Emma Garfield - 50:06
7. Moxie - Tom Tullius, Sr. - 52:16