June 21, 2014
By Henry Jones:
To win or not to win

As Cornelia Carey steamed out for the first day of Quissett racing, the Race Committee of Henry Jones, Douglas Jones, Sarah Meigs and Elizabeth Clark Olsen was delighted to see four competitors as well as a steady Southwesterly wind of 8-12 knots for the “unlucky” Early Bird trophy race. The Early Bird trophy generally has two races, the S class and the H class. Only one S boat arrived to the start, Olive, sailed by Josh Bernstein, Nick Hunnewell and George Walters. The RC decided to give the S boat a practice start. This was a good decision, as Olive crossed the line 15 seconds late. The RC was dismayed by certain competitors’ claims that they preferred second place in this race because of the superstition that the winner of the Early Bird rarely wins another race. The Southwest wind conditions prompted the RC to post a course of JQA.

After a near perfect start, Tom and Luke First in Olivia had “technical difficulties” (perhaps in honor of the superstition) and spent five minutes adjusting their sails. Olivia spent the rest of the day trying “desperately” to catch up. Mort Saunders and Anna Olson in Found It established an early lead by hugging the shore. Chuck First and Sam Ward in Allie Rose found better air offshore and grabbed a small lead just before the windward mark off Penzance Point; however both boats dramatically overstood the mark, allowing Handoah, sailed by Hannah and Ben Garfield, and Olivia a chance to narrow the margin. The two pairs of boats sparred aggressively on the downwind leg but positions remained unchanged. On the final two legs, the leading boats covered the trailing boats effectively and Allie Rose led a gorgeous spinnaker parade as they sailed into the finish. Kudos to Olivia for avoiding the “dreaded” victory in the Early Bird race!


  1. Allie Rose Chuck First, Sam Ward 1:14.42
  2. Found It Mort Saunders, Anna Olsen 1:15:56
  3. Olivia Tom First, Luke First 1:16:34
  4. Handoah Hannah Garfield, Ben Garfield 1:18:23