August Saturday Series - July 27th, 2013 Committee Boat Crew: Ted Burt, Mike Garfield, Sarah Meigs, Wendy Martyna

The last two races of the July Saturday series were cancelled because of inclement weather (too much wind), so the series was decided based on the four races sailed. August, however, starts in July at Quissett, at least when it comes to the running of the 2013 Saturday series, and this August began with the most beautiful race day of the year, featuring blue skies with puffy clouds and a steady southwesterly sailing breeze.

The S-Class started first, sailing a short windward leg to the Woods Hole bathing beach cove, followed by a reach out into the bay. The third leg took the fleet to a little-used mark inside Woods Hole passage, the Hadley Rock can buoy, followed by a long run to and around Penzance Point and on to Racing Beach. The final leg was a short beat to the finish off Quissett. Almost immediately the race divided into two races with Radiant and Olive fighting for first place and Shalom and Teaticket duking it out for third and fourth. Radiant rounded the
Racing Beach buoy with a very slight lead and withstood a ferocious tacking duel by Olive on the final leg to take line honors. Teaticket overcame a very late start to pass Shalom before the
final beat and hold on for third place.

Ten Herreshoffs crossed the line in a very competitive start. Their course took them on the same initial beat to the bathing beach, followed by a tricky rounding of Penzance Point and another beat to the Woods Hole entrance bell buoy. The waters around this mark can be made very tricky by strong currents and lots of boats coming into and out of Woods Hole passage.
Currents weren’t an issue on this day, as the fleet arrived at slack water. Traffic certainly was, however, and several racers had to deal with close encounters with larger sail and power boats
coming and going from Buzzards Bay. Competition was intense between the Firsts, father and son. David Burt in Tag Along and Mort Saunders in Found It were also in the mix. In the end,
youth won out over old age as Tom First in Olivia stretched out a small lead at Penzance to a 100 yard advantage at the bell. The rest of the race turned into a parade to Racing Beach and
to the finish, with Olivia slapping a tight cover on anyone who threatened to challenge for the lead.