August Wednesday Series #1 - July 31, 2013
A glorious night on the water!
By Doug Jones:

A pleasant 10-12 knots of wind from the SW greeted the Race Committee of Doug Jones, Ed Jackson, Martha Adams, and Anne Dyer for the first race of the QYC August Wednesday series; however, a forecast of the wind swinging to the south prompted the RC to become creative in their choice of course. They set a starting line North of mark “S” and flew the “L” flag indicating that the racers should follow the Cornelia Carey to the new starting line. A course of SHQ was posted with the oral instructions to finish at mark “Q” at the entrance of the harbor. After the starting line was set, the wind began to shift more southerly and the fifteen boats were presented with a decidedly port favored line. David Burt and Nicholas Hunnewell in Tagalong and Bill and George Armstrong in Adajio sailed in the vicinity of the pin hoping to pull off port tack starts and cross the fleet. The other thirteen boats bunched together by the committee boat early with the common plan of reaching down the line on starboard and crossing the line at the pin. Due to the wind shift, the entire fleet was on the line at the gun and the RC was unable to determine who was over early; therefore, a general recall was declared and a new starting line was set.

A new starting sequence was begun and similar tactics were tried. This time Tagalong was able to tack onto starboard at the pin and cross the line with clear air and good boat speed. Kathy and Doug Cooper in Chez Nous were in a great position in the middle of the line but just a second too early and had to re-start. Adajio also crossed the starting line early and had to weave her way back through the fleet to pass behind the line. Charlotte Dorris (recently returned from China), Lexa Barnard, and Weatherly Dorris in Pani Baba had a fantastic start in the middle of the line, quickly tacked onto port, and sailed away from the rest of the fleet struggling to cross the line.

On the short upwind leg to “S,” Tagalong found clear air by going left and slogged her way through the chop leftover from the afternoon’s wind. Pani Baba struggled to maintain her boat speed and dropped back through the fleet. By the windward mark, Mort Saunders and Megan McCrae in Found It and Ted and Jancy Grayson in Swizzle were close behind Tagalong. Adajio, having recovered from her premature start, had moved up into fourth place.

The next leg was a long run to the Racing Beach mark and the RC expected that the closely packed fleet would have ample opportunities to fight for position and create some lead changes. Despite seven year old Jancy’s best efforts aboard Swizzle (father Ted was on the foredeck negotiating a twist in the spinnaker) to sail past Found It , the fleet largely help their places throughout the entire leg. Steve Chalmers sailing Sea Breeze singlehanded did drop back one spot due to the restriction of no spinnakers for solo sailors as Mike Fenlon and Ryan Berne in Buttercup coasted by with spinnaker flying.

On the beat to the finish Found It was able to take a slight (and brief) lead over Tagalong; however, this was one of those nights when David had his boat moving quickly and easily through the waves and he soon regained the top position which he would maintain until the finish. The rest of the fleet seemed content to hold their positions as everyone covered the
boat behind them leaving no room or opportunity for passing. As the sun began to set, the Race Committee marveled at the most beautiful scene imaginable – fifteen gorgeous,
classic boats sailing over the glorious waters of Buzzards Bay.

  1. Tagalong • David Burt and Nicholas Hunnewell 41:04
  2. Found It • Mort Saunders and Megan McCrae 42:07
  3. Swizzle • Ted and Jancy Grayson 42:44
  4. Adajio • Bill and George Armstrong 43:35
  5. Buttercup • Mike Fenlon and Ryan Berne 44:11
  6. Sea Breeze • Steve Chalmers 44:37
  7. Pani Baba • Charlotte and Weatherly Dorris, Lexa Barnard 44:39
  8. Olivia • Olivia and Tim First, Tim Steinhart 45:45
  9. Dory Too • Nina Hocker and Sheila Gordon 47:04
  10. Allie Rose • Chuck First and Randi Ferraro 47:19
  11. Handoah • Ben and Noah Garfield 48:10
  12. Chez Nous • Kathy and Doug Cooper 51:31
  13. Tern • Jack Morse and Sonja Driscoll 52:34
  14. Yankee Clipper • Besty Zimmerli and Annie Zimmerli-Haskell 61:18
  15. Chopstick • Craig and Charlie Hattabaugh DNF