June 28, 2014
By Ted Burt:
Off to a Great Start or Saturday Series Opening Day

The Saturday series got off to a great start with two very competitive classes and considerably more wind than we had been led to expect. Instead of the predicted dreaded drifter, Buzzards Bay produced a solid southwester, just enough to soak everyone but not enough to break their gear on the first race of the series.

Alan Haigh steered Teaticket to a convincing win in the S-Class. The first leg took them on a beat out to the Weepecket Rock lighted buoy, followed by a long run to Racing Beach and a short windward leg to finish. Olive and Radiant had a good battle on the last leg, with Radiant pointing better on the second half and finishing solidly ahead to capture 2nd place.

The H-12 Class had a shorter version of the S-Class race. Tom First took a slim early lead and then held off a fierce challenge by Mike Fenlon to take line honors. Found It and Due Diligence got confused on the leeward leg, and instead of continuing on to the Racing Beach mark, they rounded the original starting mark off Quissett Harbor and started back upwind. They quickly saw the error of their ways when the rest of the fleet carried on past the mark they had rounded. They did quick turnabouts and ended up with respectable finishes. Style points go to Jancy Grayson for the great sunglasses under her pink foul weather gear.


  1. Teaticket Alan Haigh, Mason Lord, Helen, Ben Morris 1:29:12
  2. Radiant Kathy Cooper, Doug Cooper, Eric & Sia Karplus 1:30:29
  3. Olive Josh Bernstein, George & Nick Hunnewell 1:31:11

Herreshoff 12 ½:

  1. Olivia Tom & Olivia First 1:01:18
  2. Buttercup Mike Fenlon & Linda Sallop 1:01:57
  3. Phoenix Mike & Emma Garfield 1:02:47
  4. Found It Mort Saunders & Anna Olsen 1:03:21
  5. Due Diligence Alex Clowes & Jolynn Khamky 1:03:37
  6. Penguin Randy & Lynn Evans 1:04:12
  7. Allie Rose Chuck First & Tor Holck 1:04:40
  8. Swizzle Steve Chalmers & Jancy Grayson 1:05:17
  9. Handoah Hannah Garfield & Katie Gioioso 1:06:55