July 14, 2013 H-12 Junior Series
Garfields break the Firsts’ Dominance
By Henry Jones:

The competitors in the second race of the Junior H-12 series were met with a sunny Sunday morning with building westerly winds of 5-10 knots. Five boats came to race, Sea Breeze, sailed by Charlie and Jeremy Chalmers, Olivia, sailed by Olivia First and Hadley Winslow, Allie Rose, sailed by Tim and Kristen First, Phoenix, sailed by Ben and Emma Garfield, and Handoah, sailed by Noah and Luke First. The race committee of captains Henry and Doug Jones, photographer Katie Earl, and scribe Gilbert Pitcher set an F course with a quarter mile first upwind leg.

The start was one of the closest the committee has seen this season, with all the boats starting relatively close together and some contact and barging occurring (since no protests were filed and no penalty turns performed, the racers better be more careful as the RC has the authority to disqualify boats making contacting without accepting responsibility). Allie Rose and Phoenix were first off the line, holding tight ranks with each other until Phoenix found a nice lift on the left side of the first upwind leg to establish a strong lead. Following closely behind, Allie Rose, Handoah and Olivia quickly caught up and turned the entire upwind leg into a fight for second. Phoenix rounded the windward mark with a 40 second lead over the second place boat, Handoah, followed by Allie Rose, Olivia, and Sea Breeze. Handoah began to regain distance on Phoenix during the approach to the gybe mark: however, as the second part of the downwind leg ended, all the boats had an equal distance of about fifteen seconds separating them.

During the final upwind leg, Phoenix secured the position she had maintained for the entire race by finding another great lift and pulling far ahead of all the other boats. The final downwind leg saw no changes in position from the previous legs; however, Allie Rose, Olivia, and Handoah all closed in on each other. The final upwind leg that closed out the race only stretched out the distances between the boats, causing Phoenix to finish with a time of 42:55, followed by Allie Rose, Olivia, Handoah, and then Sea Breeze.


  1. Phoenix • Ben and Emma Garfield 42:55
  2. Allie Rose • Tim and Kristen First 44:05
  3. Olivia • Olivia First and Hadley Winslow 45:16
  4. Handoah • Noah and Luke First 45:40
  5. Sea Breeze • Charlie and Jeremy Chalmers 46:48