Two Matches And Another Win For Phoenix

July 9, 2016

BY Doug Jones

The Quissett Yacht Club S fleet, at least in part, made its 2016 inaugural appearance as two of these gorgeous sloops competed in a double header.  With an 8-10 knot breeze oscillating between east and southeast, the Race Committee of Sarah Meigs, Ethan Burt, Mike Garfield Sr., and Doug Jones set a course of ED (a short beat to the Knob Cove Beach, followed by a run to a mark a mile off the entrance to the harbor, and a beat back to finish).  In true match racing fashion, Jeff Whittle, Doug Cooper, and Tomasz Dvorak in Aeolus held off Josh Bernstein, George Hunnewell, George Walters and Kate Coleman in Olive at the start; however, Olive had better boat speed and was able to pull away from Aeolus.  A few minutes later, Aeolus retook the lead by riding a few puffs and lifts and rounded the windward mark in first place.   Over the next two legs, the boats traded positions often with Aeolus ultimately grabbing top position on the final beat to the finish.

July Saturday Series S Boat Race #2

1 Aeolus Jeff Whittle, Doug Cooper, Tomasz Dvorak 36:22
2 Olive Josh Bernstein, George Hunnewell, George Walters, Kate Coleman 37:14


For the second race, the course was EDE (making the second windward leg a bit longer and ending with a downwind finish.  This time Olive had the advantage at the start, but soon Aeolus moved into first place by riding a timely lift.  Once again, the two boats battled back and forth until a huge wind shift on the upwind leg gave Olive an insurmountable lead that she was able to hold onto until the finish.

July Saturday Series S Boat Race #3

1 Olive Josh Bernstein, George Hunnewell, George Walters, Kate Coleman 43:20
2 Aeolus Jeff Whittle, Doug Cooper, Tomasz Dvorak 45:03


While the S-boats were having their double header match race, seven H 12s braved the cold conditions to compete in the third race of their July series.  Numerous different excuses were given for the lower turnout, but those competing enjoyed a delightful race.  The Race Committee posted a course of EDE consisting of a short beat, a run, a longer beat, and a short run to the finish, designed to keep the H 12s out of the way of the S boats.  All seven boats were on the line at the start, but Mike and Ben Garfield in Phoenix found the best puffs and lifts and quickly pulled away from the rest of the fleet.  By the windward mark, Phoenix had extended her lead over Ted Grayson and Erik Egleston in Swizzle, and Tom and Luke First in Olivia.  On the subsequent run, many different strategies were attempted to find the best wind and best angle of sail.  Likely the best plan would have been simply to copy whatever Phoenix was doing as she was able to increase her lead on the way to “D.”  The shifty easterly proved challenging to all the racers and everyone had a turn in second place while doing their best to chase down Phoenix.  Ultimately, Mort and Randy Saunders and Alden Burt, in Found It, and Mike Fenlon and Mackenzie MacRae in Buttercup found the most helpful lifts and puffs and were in the best position to threaten for top honors. But, Phoenix was not going to be caught.

July Saturday Series H Class Race #3

1 Phoenix Mike and Ben Garfield 59:29
2 Found It Mort and Randy Saunders, and Alden Burt 1:00:54
3 Buttercup Mike Fenlon and Mackenzie MacRae 1:01:41
4 Tag Along Jon and Katy Burt 1:02:00
5 Swizzle Ted Grayson and Erik Egleston 1:02:11
6 Olivia Tom and Tim First 1:04:12
Windigo Charlie Stover and crew DNR