Phoenix Wraps Up Another Series


With heavy seas and a gusty wind from the WSW, the Quissett Race Committee of Ed Jackson, Molly Jones, Martha Adams and Doug Jones once again opted to hold the Wednesday series race (July 20th) within the relatively calm waters inside the bight of Penzance Point.  Seven stalwart crews braved the blustery conditions and demonstrated how well the classic H 12’s can handle the Buzzards Bay chop.  The Race Committee set the starting line about 1/3 mile downwind of mark “A” and a leeward mark 1/3 mile downwind of the start and posted a course of I2 sending the fleet to windward, on a run to leeward, and a beat back to the start twice around.

Randy Evans in Penguin had a near perfect start in the middle of the line with clear air and sailing at full speed, while Tom First and Max Steinert in Olivia had an excellent start a couple of seconds late at the boat, also with clear air and superior boat speed.  Once again Mike and Emma Garfield in Phoenix chose the buoy end of the line and struggled to pinch past the mark.

While the rest of the fleet chose the standard inshore route, Mike Fenlon and Teresa Durocher opted to test the wind and waters offshore and moved into third place, slightly behind Phoenix who found a convenient lifting puff as she sailed out onto port.  Meanwhile Tom First and Max Steinert in Olivia were sailing a beautiful race, riding lifts, tacking on headers, and maintaining excellent boat speed.  After the short upwind leg, Olivia had opened up a sizeable lead over Phoenix and Mort Saunders and Bonnie Simon in Found It.  As the leaders approached the starting line, Olivia in error began to round the starting pin, while Phoenix’s skipper shouted at her that the next mark was further to leeward.  Olivia quickly acknowledged her mistake but Phoenix had moved slightly ahead with Chuck First and Doug Cooper in Allie Rose close on their stern.

On the beat back to the windward mark, Phoenix carefully covered Olivia and maintained her slight lead, while Allie Rose and Buttercup moved up on the leaders.  During the run to the leeward mark, Phoenix chose not to fly her spinnaker trusting that she was already hitting hull speed, while Olivia, Allie Rose, and Buttercup had their spinnakers flying beautifully.  Unfortunately for the trailing boats, the extra sail area proved to provide little advantage as Phoenix continued to hold on to her top position for the rest of the race.  With another first place, Phoenix won the July series with a total of four points, while Found It’s nine points took second.


1. Phoenix                   Mike Garfield

2. Olivia                       Tom First

3.  Allie Rose               Chuck First

4.  Buttercup               Mike Fenlon

5. Found It                   Mort Saunders

6. Penguin                   Randy Evans

7. Popover                   Peter Franklin