The First QYC Wednesday night challenges

Quissett Yacht Club

June 27, 2018

By Doug Jones

Last Wednesday night, the Quissett Race Committee of Ed Jackson, Martha Adams, and Doug Jones were faced with an infrequent 12-15 knot wind from the West prompting the RC to drop a temporary mark to windward of the starting pin and posting the memory challenging course of XQEQSX.  This course sent the fleet first to windward, then on reach to the Quissett light buoy, then dead downwind, followed by a return beat to the light buoy, followed by a reach the starting buoy, and a final beat to the finish at the temporary mark (Got it?)  In a generous attempt to be helpful, the RC lead the fleet around the course.  While three boats presented themselves to compete in this race, two boats were being sailed singlehanded and, consequently were forbidden from flying spinnakers – a fact that would play significantly in the outcome.  As the three boats approached the typically port favored starting line, Randy Evans in Penguin and Chuck First in Allie Rose expertly squeezed Mike and Ben Garfield in Phoenix out of the preferred windward starting position.  Phoenix was forced to tack around to avoid hitting the Race Committee boat and started at least thirty seconds behind the other two boats.  On the first upwind leg, Penguin increased his lead by maintaining excellent boat speed and sailing up the middle of the course, while Phoenix snuck past Allie Rose right at the mark.  On the subsequent reach, Phoenix struggled to fly her spinnaker effectively, and Allie Rose reclaimed second place with both boats moving closer to Penguin.  After rounding the gybe mark, Phoenix rehoisted her spinnaker and quickly passed both boats grabbing an inside position on Penguin just at the leeward mark.  On the next three legs, Phoenix increased her lead, while Allie Rose carefully covered every maneuver Penguin made thereby ensuring no change in the relative positions.


  1. Phoenix                Mike and Ben Garfield                                   35:39
  2. Allie Rose            Chuck First                                                          37:37
  3. Penguin               Randy Evans                                                       37:51
  1. Olivia                     Tom and Oudeis First                                     35:04
  2. Phoenix                  Mike and Emma Garfield                              35:34wedjuly1