Beverly Junior Regatta for 420s

 By George Walters

This week, our 420 race team participated in the highly competitive Beverly Junior Regatta, where as many as 75 420s competed over two days. The four races on Tuesday were filled with various quandaries, such as heavy wind and current, as well as peculiarities in the course including leeward gates and reaching finishes. Skipper Allie Kunen and crew Nicholas Steinert stunned spectators in the first race of the competition, finishing in 20th for the race and 36th overall. Jeremy Kunen and Noah Garfield similarly excelled in the heavy-wind races, finishing as high as 27th place in their best race and 39th overall. On Wednesday, the wind died down and Quissett’s lighter boats began to excel. Keelin Davis and Jessica Hunnewell finished in 62nd overall despite disqualifications in two of the eight total races. Quissett’s top finishes came from the fierce duo, Olivia First and Olivia Johnson, who earned a 17th place finish in their top race, coming in 28th overall. We are very proud of our 420 Race Team for all that they have accomplished this year. The team is still young, and will continue to improve in years to come.


Beverly Junior Regatta for Optis

By Alex Lord

On the final Tuesday and Wednesday of sailing class for the Summer of 2015, QYC sent five Opti Racers to compete in the Beverly Junior Regatta. Tim First, Anna Olsen, Max Steinert, Hadley Smith, and Ethan Burt represented Quissett extremely well, as they demonstrated sportsmanship, teamwork, and a positive attitude on the water for the duration of the event. With a stiff southwest wind on Tuesday and 90 boats racing on the Championship Line, Max Steinert and Anna Olsen had an outstanding day as they finished all four races in the top half of the fleet, with a couple of top 25 finishes. On Wednesday, the weather threw the sailors a little curve ball, as they awoke to a light breeze. Thankfully, the wind eventually filled in from the south/southwest, providing the 90 competing Optis with prime racing conditions. Tim First came ready to sail on day two, placing 11th in both of the first two races. These strong finishes pushed Tim up the fleet, allowing him to claim 13th place in the Red Fleet. Racing in her first large regatta, Hadley Smith gained a great deal of experience, and had some terrific starts and beats upwind. Out of 16 boats in the White Fleet, Hadley Smith took home a very respectable 9th place. Ethan Burt demonstrated resilience and mental toughness on both days of racing, completing all 8 races with two top 35 finishes. The determined sailor took home 25th place in the highly competitive Blue Fleet. After two days of racing in his first large regatta, the motivated Max Steinert finished in 18th place in the oldest and generally most advanced, Red Fleet. Last but not least, Mrs. Consistent, AKA Anna Olsen finished in 12th place in the Red Fleet. Furthermore, Anna was awarded the Sportsmanship Award for the Opti Regatta! Out of more than 100 sailors, Anna’s sportsmanship and team oriented mentality was clear to her competitors, the coaches, and the race committee. She is much deserving of such a special honor. Quissett should be extremely proud of what the Opti Race Team has accomplished this year. They are role models to us all.


Seaman and Mate

By Weatherly Saunders

The Seaman Class has had a great last two weeks of the August session! Every sailor got a chance to sail alone and everyone's confidence level increased as he or she became more comfortable in the boat. This Wednesday, we had a great turnout with the majority of the Seaman Class coming to Wednesday races and winning flags. Despite heavier wind than usual this Thursday morning, the class was able to make it out into the channel with ease. We are so proud of the improvements they've made throughout the summer and the August session!

The Mate Class has had an impressive week 7 and 8 of the August session! The sailors made it out into the bay to Penzance Point, further than mate classes in past summers! They have also demonstrated their knowledge of wind direction and sail trim beautifully. This Tuesday, we ran practice starts and short races to prepare for Wednesday race day, and this really paid off on Wednesday as all the sailors showed they had mastered starts and the basics of racing. This class has improved dramatically since the beginning of the summer and the August session, and we look forward to seeing them continue to thrive next summer!


420 Intro

By George Walters

The 420 Intro class has a lot to be proud of after two more weeks of solid improvement. Topics covered in the last two weeks of the session include sailing triangle courses, telltale mastery, how weight affects steering, etc. All students have gained valuable experience as both skipper and crew, including several competitive races. Students were also shown a sneak peek preview of what it’s like to be a member of the 420 Jr. Race Team, as they were introduced to various racing drills such as roll tacks on the whistle. We’re very optimistic about our returning sailors for next summer.


 420 Jr. Race

By Phil Lynch

What a year!

I'm so happy to have had the privilege to work with your wonderful kids. Every single sailor grew a great deal this summer. Many kids began this class with only a rough idea of how to sail a 420 and every single one has come to master the art of flying spinnakers, trapping, and intense racing. The session truly culminated at the Wild Harbor Invitational where every sailor excelled on the race course and we even had a few boats compete for top spots! I want to thank you all for raising great kids who so appreciate sailing and were great to coach!


Adventure Sailing

By Hannah Garfield

We had a great final two weeks of Adventure Sailing! The small group of sailors have really come a long way, especially those who have been in the class the whole summer. We did spinnaker work one day in the Herreshoff. We sailed 420s with the Opti Race kids twice. We also accompanied the 420 racers part of the way to Beverly this week, making it all the way to Cleveland Ledge before having to turn back! This class has been such a joy to teach. They’ve become very proficient and capable sailors. I hope they all had as much fun this summer as I did!