The last race of the Sunday Junior series was held on August 14th. Two dedicated crews, each with 3 points, showed up for the tie breaker. With Anna Olsen skippering and Alden Burt as crew in Sea Glass, and Ethan Burt skippering and Hadley Smith as crew in Tag Along, everything was on the line for these talented and enthusiastic sailors.

The wind was from the southwest, at 8 knots. Sea Glass crossed the starting line in first place, and headed in towards the shore. Tag Along started a very close second, and decided to split tacks and look for better wind off shore. Inshore proved to be the favored place to be.

As the wind freshened, the original course of ASA was shortened for safety reasons. The committee boat raised the “S” flag and sounded the horn to indicate that the racers should finish at the next mark. The skippers understood the signals and finished at the end of the first downwind leg. Anna Olsen in Sea Breeze won the race and with it the series, beating out Tag Along’s crew by a mere 5 seconds.

During the first Junior race of the season, the race committee fielded six questions from the sailors about the racing rules. By the end of the series this number had dropped to one.  We look forward to next season, and hope that other junior sailors will come out to join in the fun!


 1. Sea Glass Anna Olsen and Alden Burt 51:05
 2. Tag Along Ethan Burt and Hadley Smith 51:10