Enough Were There


The Robert W. Driscoll “Not All There” race is unique.  Other than not having skippered in a race this season (not counting the Ancient Mariner’s Race), the requirement is that the skipper must have something missing.  Many of us might say we have memory lapses, but they won’t count.  You must have had some significant body part removed or replaced in order to qualify.  The trophy is a model of a swiss cheese wedge attractively mounted.  Enough said.

Six sailors announced their intention to race, but only three showed up.  Was something missing here:  courage? Determination? Planning?  A crew?  It was a semi-blustery northeast wind and a lumpy sea that met the three stalwarts, so maybe the race went to the hardiest.  In any case, the start is also unique.  Boats may cross the line to start at a time of their choosing between 10:30 and 10:50 AM.  The Race Committee records their time of starting and their time of finishing and then computes elapsed time for each boat.  No one knows who won until an announcement and presentation of the cheese at the yacht club’s annual meeting the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  By the time this article hits the streets, that magic time will have passed, and a waiting world will know that Dick Shriner once again smoked the competition like a cheap cigar.    Strong wind?  Bah!  Sloppy seas?  Meh!  Something missing?  Who cares?  Dick can now admire his holey cheese on the mantel for another long winter, planning for next summer’s cup defense.

Race Committee:  Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Sonya Driscoll, Jack Morse.

 1. Dory Too Dick Shriner & Nina Hocker 26:00
 2. Glorious Charles & Suzanne Mann 33:00
3. Sea Glass Elizabeth & Chris Olsen 38:00