70th Annual Quissett Yacht Club Round The Bay Race

On September 10 the Quissett Yacht Club held the 70th annual Round the Bay Race.  It was a beautiful day on the water and as usual the race committee did a fantastic job setting up a good course given the conditions and provided the racers a good test.

This year there were 16 entrants ranging from perennial competitors Shadowfax (Albert “Sandy” Williams) and Dune Buggy (Nick Brachet) to first time competitors Elixir (Dennis Walsh) and Wind Blue (Donald Bailey).  The weather forecast called for light winds from the West shifting to the Southwest over the afternoon.  Buzzards Bay historically is known to produce more Southwest breeze than if forecast, but not on this day.

The first leg of the course took the racers from Quissett over to Centerboard Shoal off Marion Harbor.  With the Westerly Breeze this was a reach on a port tack.

The first starter in the pursuit race left at noon in very little wind.  As the start times wore on the wind remained fluky and light, but once everyone was on the course the breeze filled in to about 5 knots and the boats with the big spinnakers were able to find their pace and surge forward.  The boats with asymmetrical spinnakers had a decided advantage on this day and they quickly forged a lead.

The second leg took the fleet over to Nyes Ledge buoy off Mattapoisett.  By this time the wind had backed as predicted to the Southwest making this leg a beat.  This was a clever bit of planning on the part of the race committee to be able to get an upwind leg into the course in the middle of the race.  The tide had begun to fill back into Buzzards Bay by the time boats arrived at Centerboard Shoal, so the tactical play was to stay inshore to avoid the worst of the current.  At the first turn several perennial favorites including Hardtack (Matt Schmitt), Gut Feeling (Ted Herlihy), Kindred Spirits (Butch Joy) and Glory (Barry Steinberg) were in the lead group.  They were joined by Ceilidh (James Coggershall) and Plan B (Max Hart) as the boats turned upwind.

When the racers rounded the windward mark off Nye Ledge and began the reach back to Quissett Gut Feeling had really found her pace and led the fleet.  Glory, with her long waterline was beginning to reel back in some of the earlier starters and the leaders worked to get all the speed they could out of their boats in the light breeze.

At the finish, Gut Feeling led the fleet over the line followed by Glory and then Ceilidh.

As the maximum time limit was set to expire, Cade (David Burt) brought his boat across the finish line to complete the race.















Boat Name Finish Time Finish Position Racing Division Cruising Division
Gut Feeling 16:15:22 1 1
Glory 16:22:20 2 1
Ceilidh 16:24:30 3 2
Kindred Spirits 16:25:02 4 3
Hardtack 16:33:36 5 4
Restless 16:40:50 6 5
Plan B 16:44:15 7 6
Scarlet 16:59:18 8 2
Elixir 17:06:15 9 3
J/105 To Be Named 17:38:30 10 7
Cade 18:14:52 11 4
Geraldine DNF
Silhouette DNF
Wind Blue DNF
Shadowfax DNF
Dune Buggy DNF