July 13th races (July Saturday Series)
By Ted Burt:

If you slog through enough summer southwesterlies, you are bound to come to a southeastery. You can actually leave your slicker at home, except that it might rain (which it did). The Race Committee likes southeasterlies because they provide a new challenge for the fleet, new courses to negotiate and new choices to make. At Quissett, the first leg of a southeasterly race is to Mark E, just to leeward of the Knob beach. It is a short leg. Oh so short, but oh so tricky, kind of like lake sailing as you tack up under the land and feel the breeze let up, fill in and oscillate through up to 20 degrees in direction. Former sailing instructor Alec Clowes showed he hasn’t forgotten how, as he built on a great start to establish a four boat length lead at the turn, followed by Sea Breeze and Found It. The next leg was a close reach to the Woods Hole bathing beach, followed by a jibe and another close reach out into the bay to mark D. Due Dilligence opted to sail the first of the two legs away from the shore, thereby keeping his wind steadier, and he was able to maintain his lead through the two reach legs. The fourth leg took the fleet on a beat to windward back toward the land to another visit and turn around E. This leg was the test of the race because the fleet is likely to split behind you, and you can’t cover them all. Alec remained cool, however, and was able to increase his lead to almost a minute over his pursuers. The final leg was a short run to the finish. Sea Breeze set a spinnaker earlier than Found It and was able to nip ahead into second place. Alec and Jolynn set the pace for the day and took well-deserved line honors.