Quissett Yacht Club

Founded 1912

Quissett Harbor Light Buoy
41.32.5  70.39.9

Buzzards Bay
Sunny, SW 10-15

3 10, 2014

2014 Round the Bay Race


September 6, 2014: Photo by Martha Adams Saturday September 6th looked like a good day for exciting sailing with a southwest wind gusting to 25 mph and the [...]

2014 Round the Bay Race2016-02-14T15:15:04-05:00
7 08, 2014

Wild Harbor Invitational Regatta


August 7, 2014 By Olivia Lord: Thursday, we had 14 racers at Wild Harbor for the invitational regatta! It was a perfect day for the kids to get used to [...]

Wild Harbor Invitational Regatta2016-02-14T15:20:14-05:00
4 08, 2014

Scituate Regatta


August 4 & 5, 2014 By Olivia Lord: Everyone trekked up to Scituate on Sunday with the trailers and 5 boats to get everything ready for the regatta on Monday [...]

Scituate Regatta2016-02-14T15:20:22-05:00
2 08, 2014

August Saturday Second Race


August 2, 2014 By Doug Jones New Wind, New Skippers, New Boats, Same Result A northeasterly wind of 10-12 knots and the S-boat regatta provided the backdrop for a whole [...]

August Saturday Second Race2016-07-20T22:52:54-04:00
1 08, 2014

Harrington and Woodriff Trophies


August 1, 2014 By Doug Jones: Two of the most coveted trophies of the Quissett Yacht Club are the Harrington and Woodriff trophies for H -12s. The contestants for these [...]

Harrington and Woodriff Trophies2015-08-03T01:20:24-04:00
30 07, 2014

August Wednesday Series Race #1


Wednesday, July 30, 2014 By Doug Jones Exciting from Start to Finish! This is what the Quissett Wednesday series is supposed to be: a gorgeous evening for sailing, just the [...]

August Wednesday Series Race #12016-07-20T22:55:39-04:00
27 07, 2014

Whiteley Trophy


July 27, 2014 By Henry Jones: A southerly wind of 8-12 knots greeted the Race Committee of Doug and Henry Jones as they headed out to the start of the [...]

Whiteley Trophy2015-08-03T01:19:23-04:00
16 07, 2014

July Wednesday Series Race #4


July 16, 2014 By Doug Jones: New Waters, New Wind, Old Winner With a shifty wind out of the south southwest and a threat of impending showers, the Quissett Race [...]

July Wednesday Series Race #42016-07-20T22:55:59-04:00
6 07, 2014

McMurtrie Trophy Race


July 6, 2014 By Henry Jones: A True Test of Seamanship and Boat Handling! After cancelling the earlier Junior series race due to heavy wind, the race committee of Henry [...]

McMurtrie Trophy Race2015-08-03T01:15:25-04:00
28 06, 2014

July Saturday Series #1 for both “S” class and “H” class


June 28, 2014 By Ted Burt: Off to a Great Start or Saturday Series Opening Day The Saturday series got off to a great start with two very competitive classes [...]

July Saturday Series #1 for both “S” class and “H” class2016-07-20T22:56:19-04:00
25 06, 2014

July Wednesday Series Race #1


June 2014 By Doug Jones: Oh, what a beautiful evening! A spectacular June evening greeted the Race Committee of Ed Jackson, Henry Jones, and Doug Jones as they steamed the [...]

July Wednesday Series Race #12016-07-20T22:56:41-04:00
21 06, 2014

Early Bird Race


June 21, 2014 By Henry Jones: To win or not to win As Cornelia Carey steamed out for the first day of Quissett racing, the Race Committee of Henry Jones, [...]

Early Bird Race2015-08-03T01:11:05-04:00
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