Junior Series Race #3
Triple Crown Olivia
By Henry Jones:

The third race of the Junior H-12 series took place on Sunday, July 28th, 2013. The competitors were met with a very light wind of less than 5 knots from the west. The race committee of Henry and Douglas Jones set an I course with a downwind finish in the middle. Three boats showed up to race, Allie Rose, sailed by Tim and Luke First, Handoah, sailed by Ben and Hannah Garfield, and Olivia, sailed by Olivias First and Ventola.

At the starting gun, Allie Rose had an impressive start, coming off the line with an advantageous position over Olivia leading to some fraternal trash talking between the First boats and Allie Rose forcing Olivia to tack away. Meanwhile, the Garfields quickly showed off their skill of maintaining high boat speed upwind in light wind, pulling ahead of their other two competitors. By the first windward mark, Handoah had the lead with Olivia and Allie Rose following. A rather uneventful first downwind leg found all competitors in the same positions by the leeward mark. Just after the leedward mark, Olivia found a favorable puff and lift allowing her to pull ahead of Handoah. As the last upwind leg came towards a close, the only remaining questions were whether or not the forecasted southwesterly wind would fill in, and if the competitors would notice–neither happened. The last downwind leg was a straight run, allowing Olivia to secure her first place spot against Handoah and Allie Rose.

Currently the standings in the series place Olivia in first with two firsts and a third, and Handoah in close second with one first and two seconds. August 3rd is the last race of the series, and if Handoah can beat Olivia, Handoah will secure first place in the series, however if Olivia beats Handoah–no matter the position, Olivia will maintain her first
place spot and take the trophy. With clear skies forecasted, Sundays race is looking to be an exciting one.

  1. Olivia • Olivias First and Ventola 45:37
  2. Handoah • Ben and Hannah Gaarfield 48:26
  3. Allie Rose • Tim and Luke First 54:40

Tight series developing with one race to go on August 25th with Olivia two firsts and a third, Handoah one first and two seconds.