A Perfect Evening for a Hot RaceWednesday August 3.jpeg

By Doug Jones

As the weather has been heating up, so has the competition in the Quissett Yacht Club Wednesday evening races. Last Wednesday, a 5-7 mph wind from the southwest gave the light air sailors a chance to strut their stuff. The Race Committee of Steve Duffy, Peter Franklin, Alan Haigh, and Doug Jones (with Martha Adams sorely missed) set a Gold cup course consisting of a windward leg, two reaches, another windward leg, and a run to the finish. A fluctuating wind and a nearly square line baffled the racers as they struggled to find the favored end. Mike and Emma Garfield in Phoenix tried a port tack start only to find that the starboard tack boats had a clear advantage in boat speed as well as sailing rights. Chuck First and Sue Conlin in Allie Rose had a nice start on starboard at the boat end, but Mike Fenlon and Bonnie Simon in Buttercup were in the best position near the middle of the line crossing the start at full speed and with clear air. On the short upwind leg, Buttercup increased her advantage and rounded ahead of Allie Rose and Rick and Weatherly Dorris in Pani Baba. On the reaches, Mike Garfield in Phoenix was once again able to rely on the skills of his crew and daughter Emma as they moved their way from the back of the fleet into third place by the leeward mark. Buttercup covered the fleet effectively on the upwind leg and established a solid lead for the downwind run to the finish. While Allie Rose rounded the windward mark in second, there was no stopping Phoenix and her yellow and red spinnaker as she cruised her way into second. The best was saved for last when The Cog’s skipper and first mate danced their way across the finish line much to the embarrassment and chagrin of the second mate. Another fantastic evening on the waters of Buzzards Bay!

Phoenix stands on top of the overall standings with two firsts and a second, setting up a fight for second place between Pani Baba and Buttercup with seven points and Sea Breeze with eight. Next Wednesday evening will reveal the final results for the August series.


  1. Buttercup       Mike Fenlon and Bonnie Simon                                          39:25
  2. Phoenix          Mike and Emma Garfield                                                      40:29
  3. Allie Rose       Chuck First and Sue Conlin                                                  41:09
  4. Sea Breeze     Steve Chalmers and Alden Burt                                          41:27
  5. Pani Baba      Weatherly and Rick Dorris                                                  42:05
  6. Dory Too       Nina Hocker and Sheila Gordon                                          42:29
  7. Penguin          Randy Evans                                                                          45:00
  8. Cocochellie     Craig Hattabaugh                                                                  47:28
  9. The Cog          Wendy Martyna, Becky Gardiner, Romey Hart-Martyna  57:42