Found It Finds It’s Fourth Gear

By Doug Jones

This past Sunday morning, the Quissett Yacht Club held the rescheduled race for the Whiteley Trophy for H12s.   Four boats braved the elements of a gray and drizzle filled morning with a 10-12 mph wind from the ENE. The Race Committee of Alan Haigh and Doug Jones dropped three temporary marks and posted a course of “F” which consists of a triangle, windward, leeward, and windward legs starting and finishing in the middle of the course. Olivia, skippered alternately by Tom and Olivia First, took advantage of the square starting line and had a perfect start on starboard at the boat. While it seemed as if the “X” flag for premature starters would be used for only the second time all season, Olivia’s timing was perfect and all racers were clear at the start. Mort Saunders and Anna Olsen in Found It were only a few seconds behind at the middle of the line. Found It was clearly able to point a few degrees higher than the other boats and quickly pulled into the lead; however, as the boats proceeded upwind, Olivia and Found It traded the leading position depending upon who was on starboard and had the right of way. Meanwhile Bob and Carol Suitor in Will O’ the Wisp and Ali Rodin and Steve Chalmers in Sea Breeze tested the wind offshore to see if they could break into the lead.   As the boats approached the windward mark, wind shifts and lighter airs made it challenging to round the mark and Found It’s apparent over standing of the mark proved to be brilliantly fortuitous as she rounded the mark in first while the other three boats had to add extra tacks to their roundings. Found It’s thirty second lead proved too much for the rest of the fleet to conquer as Mort “No need to cover” Saunders was in his sail fast mode and pulled away from the rest of the competitors over the next six legs, easily securing an almost three minute victory. The fight for second, however, was exciting as all three boats shared in holding second place throughout the race. Ultimately, Sea Breeze was able to find the best wind and boat speed and captured second as the sun began to emerge from the clouds on another glorious day on the waters off Quissett Harbor.


  1. Found It                     Mort Saunders and Anna Olsen                  1:07:29
  2. Sea Breeze                 Ali Rodin and Steve Chalmers                     1:10:10
  3. Will O’ the Wisp         Bob and Carol Suitor                                                1:10:34
  4. Olivia                           Olivia and Tom First                                     1:11:05