How does one play the dead zone under the lee of Penzance Point?

Entering the lee of Penzance Point.


The Whiteley Trophy is a mid-summer race each year, sailed in Herreshoff 12 1/2s.  The usual weather is mid-summer hazy, hot and humid with thunderstorms likely, but we missed those conditions by a day. This year the race was held on a beautiful dry breezy day with a light-to-medium wind building to a good 15-20 knot southwester.  Six very experienced crews crossed the line within ten seconds of one another and headed to the first mark off the end of Penzance Point.  Pani Baba was the only one to opt for the inshore route, and she paid for it.  The others headed either offshore or up the middle, arriving at the mark within a minute of one another, Allie Rose and Sea Breeze holding a slight lead over the rest.

The second leg was a short but challenging reach through the lee of Penzance Point.  Spinnakers were set on most boats and quickly collapsed as the wind died to nothing.  The lead boat, Sea Breeze, picked up the returning breeze shortly before the turning mark off Stoney Beach and rounded with a pack of competitors close behind.  Then followed a long run to Racing Beach fueled by a freshening breeze.  Whiteley Trophy 1-OptimizedAgain, a pack rounded the mark together, this time with Olivia First rounding first with her grandpa handling the sail trim.  The final beat from Racing Beach home is always a challenge, and this time was no exception.  Some went out and some went in, and some tried to play the middle, but in the end it was the fastest sailor and the youngest who claimed the trophy.  All in all, it was the best in racing by a very competitive group of sailors.  Congratulations to Olivia for showing the old folks that the next generation is on its way.


 1. Allie Rose Olivia and Chuck First 1:05:53
 2. Found It Mort Saunders, Teresa Durocher 1:06:18
 3. Olivia Tom and Tim First 1:06:48
 4. Tag Along David Burt, Alden Burt, Sean Tynan 1:06:54
 5. Sea Breeze Allie Rodin, Steve Chalmers 1:07:16
 6. Pani Baba Weatherly Dorris and Beth Justin 1:10:01