Herreshoff 12 ½ racing at QYC

The Quissett Yacht Club has one of the largest fleets of H12s, with over 50 registered in the club. Many of these boats are actively sailed. We have over 20 participating each season in our racing series and Cup races. Our goal is to foster an environment which encourages skippers with all levels of experience to join us. We have races where less experienced skippers can start in a “B” fleet just behind the regular fleet, we allow single handed racing if skippers can’t find a crew, we help skippers find a crew, and we have dinner parties for the racers after some of our series races.  By fostering this sort of environment, the participation rate has increased significantly. We hope to grow our community of racers more each year … after all, the more the merrier!

Each season QYC hosts 4 racing series: Wednesdays in July, Wednesdays in August, Saturdays in July and Saturdays in August. There are a number of Cup races through the summer. We award trophies for the best sailor in each series and overall for the summer season. Each summer the H-Class Championship, a two-day regatta, is hosted by one of 5 yacht clubs in the region. 

Following our Wednesday races, participants take turns hosting a dinner party. The hosts typically provide a place for dinner (often their home), dinner and desserts. Everyone coming brings their own beer! If you’d like to host one of these dinners, please let Mike Garfield know by emailing him at

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