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Thank you for your interest in joining the Quissett Yacht Club. The application procedure for membership begins with a current QYC Member agreeing to sponsor the applicant. The sponsoring Member would then obtain the requisite paperwork from the Membership Chair and be responsible for overseeing the fulfilling of application requirements on behalf of the prospective member(s).

Looking for ways to meet members and learn more? Here are some opportunities to get to know more about QYC:

Waterlilies - Our adult sailing program for women is incredibly popular, and a wonderful way to get to know members of QYC and learn to sail!

Junior Sailing - Do you have kids? Enroll in our award-winning Junior Sailing Program! We have programs for all ages, ranging in length from one-day to the whole summer.

Please direct questions to the Membership Chair 

or speak to a current Member whom you know about possible sponsorship.

QYC Membership Chair:

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