Our History

Quissett Yacht Club was established in 1912 by a group of guests summering at the Quissett Harbor House. While water sports were popular during the hotel’s early years, guests thought that adding boating and racing would enhance the summer activities. On August 26, 1911 a full day of water sports and sailboat racing were held. This inspired the group of guests to meet and officially found the Quissett Yacht Club.

A published history of the first hundred years of the Quissett Yacht Club can be read in the book Glorious Good Times available for sale at QYC and gifted to new yacht club members.

QYC has no formal “club house” and thrives with gatherings on land and at sea in the spirit of the early yacht club members!

This page offers members a living history of QYC from our early beginnings to our current events.


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QYC Captured in Time

1912 and Beyond

By Ben Coffin

It was the start of another chapter beginning with the founding of the Quissett Yacht Club after a group of...

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